Project Details

Project Name: UofL Biomedical Research Facility

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Industry: Education


In the new Biomedical Research Facility, Hussung Mechanical installed five custom built air handling units ranging from 75,000 to 100,000 CFM. Each unit consists of four separate tunnels that can operate independently. There is an additional 15,000 CFM unit to serve the BSL3 Lab on the sixth floor. Ten laboratory exhaust fans were installed in conjunction with two energy recovery units. The office areas are served by VAV boxes with reheat coils while the lab areas utilize Phoenix supply valves with reheat coils. Phoenix exhaust valves were installed for lab general exhaust and fume hood exhaust. Lab gasses, vacuum and water were provided throughout the lab areas to work stations and fume hoods.

The basement area of the new facility is devoted mostly to animal holding and procedure rooms. These areas have extensive automated air pressurization and lighting controls. Also serving this area is an automatic animal watering system. To aid in LEED certification, low flow flushometers were installed on all closets and urinals. AHU condensation and rain water is collected to a harvesting system utilized to provide site irrigation. An Aircuity Optinet Facility Monitoring System was installed to intelligently control each room’s airflow in order to increase safety and minimize energy use.

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