Project Details

Project Name: Baptist Health Floyd Hospital

Location: New Albany, Indiana

Industry: Healthcare

Hussung Mechanical worked closely with Whittenberg Construction to construct the new state-of-the-art heart center at Floyd Memorial Hospital. Renovations and additions included: a lobby and registration area, operating rooms to perform open-heart surgery, beds for heart surgery patients, treatment rooms, 24-bed MedSurg Unit, Emergency Department, Women’s Center and a new Laboratory.

Hussung Mechanical worked with the design team and owner to develop a phasing plan for installation of new equipment with minimal interruption to the owner and without compromising patient care. Hussung Mechanical installed: two large VAV air handling units (140,000 CFM and 100,000 CFM), a 20,000 square foot constant volume air handling unit, two new 750 ton chillers, new cooling towers, a new primary/secondary pumping system, 350 BHP fire-tube steam boiler (interconnected with the three existing steam boilers to supplement the 100lb. steam system) and a new central oxygen park, medical air compressor, and domestic water softening system. Hussung Mechanical employed 32 Plumbers and 24 Pipe-fitters at its peak and completed this project in 18 months

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